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 f you already own our property, our first step is to settle on a floor plan. Our starting point is the basic floor plan with input from you on how you would like it finished. By “finished”, we mean things like the exterior siding, roof type, floor coverings, cabinets and countertops, include appliances or not, etc. Other factors include whether you are in the city limits or not, have electricity to the property, are on “city” water and sewer, or need a septic tank or aerobic system. We can help with your floor plan and design. We have plans that we have built and we will sit down with you and modify one of our existing plans or develop a new plan that works for you and your needs. We can also work from a floor plan you already have – even a sketch. We have computer-drafting software to put your plan into the beginning stages of a working drawing (this would enable us to figure an approximate price and budget) then refer you to a draftsman/architect to complete the details of the drawings. If you would like to use one, we can suggest a draftsman / architect. ﷯There are also several websites that have good floor plans and search capabilities such as: We can help you with financing if you need it. We have worked with several of the local banks and are familiar with their process and would be glad to give you the point of contact for you to pursue financing. Or, we would be glad to work with your banker or other financial institution. We build several homes where cost is a major concern – as it is with most people. That is why our flexibility works to your advantage. We can tailor the floor plan and finish-out specifications to fit your budget. To finalize, we’ll need to know where the property is and at no cost to you, we can visit your property to give you an analysis of the building site (e.g., home location, slope & impact on foundation cost if any). From the site analysis and floor plan, we can develop final cost figures and estimate our time line for starting and completion. I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Richard I
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